Advance Diploma in Computer Application

Advance Diploma in Computer Application

Module I

IT Fundamental and Office Automation

Basic of Computer, Hardware and Software Terminology, Basic Input/ Output, Process, Organization of Computer, Operating System.

MS-Office -

MS-Word, Formatting, Inserting, Mail Merge, Page Setup, Tables Formats, Resume Creation, Application Writing, Letter Drafting, Data arrange in table, Basic practice of drawing tools, various assignment relating to Table and Documentation

MS-Excel -

Formatting of spreadsheet, Formula and Function, Editing Features, Working with Large Worksheets, Working with Charts, Data Entry, Interest Calculation, Marks-Sheet Pay-Slip, Commission Calculation, Data Sorting, Advance level Excel, Chart Creation.

MS-Power Point -

Creating Presentation, Animation Design, Slide Show, Working with slide and creating powerful presentation.

Internet -

Introduction of Internet, Internet Connectivity, Surfing, Chating, E-Mail Creation, Formation of E-Mail, Search Engine.

Module -II

Basics of Accounting

The Business Entity Concept, The Dual Aspect Concept, The Accounting Period Concept, The Cost Concept, The Money Measurement Concept, The Going Concern Concept The Accrual Concept,

Business Organizations

Introduction, Forms of Business Organizations, Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Limited Liability Partnership, Company, HUF, Cooperative Society, Trust, Trading Organizations, Service Organizations

Understanding of Financial Statements-

Describing Financial Statements, The Manufacturing & Trading Account, The Profit and Loss Account/Income & Expenditure A/c, Balance Sheet

Computer ADCA Course in Udaipur

Module -III

Advance Accounting

Ledger Creation, Ledger Group, Voucher Entry: Purchase, Sales, Payment, Receipt, Contra, Purchase Return with Debit Note, Sales Return Credit Note, Billing or Invoicing, New Reference, Against Reference, Advance, On Account features, Bills Receivable, Bills Payable, Cost Category, Cost Center, Simple Interest Calculation, Compound Interest Calculation, Advance Interest Calculation, Currency, Forex Gain and Loss, Job Costing, Maintain Interest with Debit Note and Credit Note., Budget and Control, Credit Limit, Scenario Manager, Banking and Bank Reconciliation Statement, Reversing Journal, Post Dated Voucher, Optional Voucher

Advance Inventory

Unit, Compound Unit, Stock Group, Stock Category, Stock Item, Purchase of Stock, Sales of Stock, Creating Debit Note and Credit Note for Stock. Godown or Location, Stock Transfer, Batch wise Details, Expiry Date Maintain, Actual and Billed Quantity, Track Rejection Out, Reorder Level, Valuation Method Additional Cost of Purchase, Price Level and Price List, Purchase Order, Sales Order, Receipt Note, Delivery Not, Rejection In, (Avg. cost, FIFO,LIFO, Std. Cost, Std. Price etc ), Standard Rate for Stock Item, Zero Value Entries, Job Work In Order, Job Work Round up, Round Down, Out Order, Material In, Material Out, Physical Stock Maintain, Manufacturing and Bills of Material (BOM), Point of Sale (POS),


Unit (Work), Attendance and Production Type, Pay Heads, Employee Category, Employee Group, Employee, Define Salary Payroll amount, Payroll income tax configuration, Payroll statutory detail Statutory Detail,


Bank Reconciliation Statement, Chequee Printing, Deposit Slip, Cheque Register, Payment Advice, Post Dated Summary.

Module -IV

Goods and Service Tax GST)

GoN, central Talus, pote a (ST), Integrated Tax (GST), Union Territory (UGST), STR. 1, 6STR-2, 65R.-38, 65T COM-08, 657R-4, 65ts aX Peror, Bie Tvoice, B2C Large Invoice, Bmaritice edit ose, Debit Note for Registered and Uniegistered Parties, teport invoice, Tax Liabilities on Advance Received Inuite, edit Nova, eliceed, Mi Rated Invice 826UR Invoice For un rigite ed Dealer and Reverse Charge, ImPereied, Aistment of dante Receive Payment, Adjustment o Advance Paymen Transle PC, Interest and Late Fees on ST Detese of a Tart of ode se on Tax Liabiltes, Increate of input Tax Credit SOura ters urchase from SEZ, Purchase Under Reverse charge.

Tax Deducted at Source (TDS)

iroduction, How to apply of TAN, Various Section and rates of TDS Working with TDS, Defining TDS Statutory Master, TDS Nature of Payments, Deucte Types, Creating Expense Ledger, Creating Party th Bes, Creating Tax Ledger, Defining TDS Voucher, Journal Voucher for TDS on Expenses

Generating and Printing Reports

niroduction, Financial Statements, Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Account, Trial Balance, Accounting Books and Registers, Cash Book, Bank Book.

Module - V

Corel Draw-

Using the toolbox/Using color, Drawing and editing objects/Creating a greeting card, Using photographs in a motivational poster, Using a template to create a two-page newsletter, Bitmap and vector effects, Letterhead, Creating a three-panel brochure for a student business, Visiting Card, Sticker, Letterhead with Logo, Wedding Card, Flex Banner

Module -VI

Adobe Photoshop

About Photoshop, Photoshop Features advertisement creation, wallpapers, websites, jewelry creation, Photo modification purpose, Editing Photo in camera, photo lightings, temperature and color options for background shades, Creating Web Galleries, PDF Presentation, introduction of layers, Working With Photoshop Tools Working With Layers,

Module -VII

Adobe PageMaker

Introduction to Desktop Publishing-Examples of Desktop Publishers, Opening PageMaker- Start button & Desktop icon, The PageMaker window-Parts & functions The Toolbox, The Control Palette, The Color Palette, The Guides, Saving, Closing, Opening and creating a file, Drawing and Formatting Objects, Typing & Formatting text.


Introduction of Programing, Keywords, variable, Structure of Program, A Simple Program, Operators, Conditional Statement Like IF, Switch Case Looping Statement like For, While, Do While, Pointer, Array, Function, Structure, Union.

C++ -

Concept of OOP's, Class, Object, Function Over Loading, Static Function, Friend Function, Default Argument, Constructor, Destructor, Operator Overloading, Type Conversion, Inheritance, File Handling


Introduction, Various Type of Tags in HTML and its uses in Webpages


Introduction of CSS, CSS as Tag, CSS as Class, CSS as ID, Text and Font Formatting, Border, Padding, Margin, Display, Icon, List, Tables, Position, Backgrounds, Navigation Bar, Dropdown Menu and Project.

Live Project (Practical Assignment):-

Marks sheet, Payroll in Excel, Mini Project on Account of any Firm, and Handling Accounts of a Service Firm, Trade Firm, and Manufacturing Firm. Various Designs in Corel Photoshop, Project in C or C++, Project using HTML and CSS.

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