Advance Diploma in Hardware and Networking

Advance Diploma in Hardware and Networking

Operating System Technologies:

Introduction to Computers, Introduction to Operating System (DOS), Types of Software & languages, Computer history, computer block diagram, Motherboard, Memory, Microprocessor, Storage devices, Peripheral devices and SMPS, BIOS, PC maintenance and its schedule, assembling and disassembling of computer


  • A. Assembling branded & assembled computer.
  • B. Types of (CPU) 1/0 slots about mother board.
  • C. Introduction of computer peripheral installation:
  • I. Window
  • ii.Drivers
  • iii. Land card / Sound cardiv. Antivirus

Operating system

  • Window
  • Installing, upgrading & migrating to window 7
  • Deploying window?
  • Configure AVHD
  • Configure shared resources
  • Configure file & folder access.
  • • Window 11• Window 10

Formatting Repairing

  • CPU desktop board repairing
  • Printer repairing laser)
  • Printer unboxing (laser)
  • Cartridge refilling

IT Hardware and Networking Course

Troubleshooting techniques.

Laptop repairing

  • Laptop part changing (Key Board & Screen
  • Laptop unboxing

Network topologies:

LAN, WAN, MAN, PAN, CAN., Networking Model, The OSI model, TCP/ IP Model, Network adapters., Introducing protocols, Cabling and troubleshooting, Setting IP addresses, Sharing files and folders, Network troubleshooting, PING test, ipconfig etc., Routers, Switches., Modems, Hubs etc., Wired and Wireless technologyIntroduction of networking Introduction to OS Booting sequence:

Introduction to OS Booting sequence

Internal & external commands, Configuration of display, sound card, Assembling a computer, Assembling & Installation, Add on card identification, PC Support (Core Hardware)., Installation of windows 7, windows 8.1, MS-Office etc., Resistors, capacitors and Inductors, Diodes and transistors, Comparison between AC and DC Current, Conductors, Insulators and semiconductors, Rectifiers and voltage Regulators

Windows Server 2012/2016

Windows server and client, types, hardware requirement, Installation and configuration of ADDS, DHCP, WDS, file server, Terminal Services, GPO, Disaster recovery

Customer Communication.

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