Diploma in Web Designing & Programming

Diploma in Web Designing

Module -I

IT Fundamental and Office Automation

Basic of Computer, Hardware and Software Terminology, Basic Input/Output, Process, Organization of Computer, Operating System.


Formatting, Inserting, Mail Merge, Page Setup, Tables Formats, Resume Creation, Application Writing. Letter Drafting, Data arrange in table, Basic practice of drawing tools, various assignment relating to Table and Documentation


Formatting of spreadsheet, Formula and Function, Editing Features, Working with Large Worksheets, Working with Charts, Data Entry, Interest Calculation, Marks-Sheet Pay-Slip, Commission Calculation, Data Sorting, Advance level Excel, Chart Creation.

Power Point-

Creating Presentation, Animation Design, Slide Show, Working with slide and creating powerful presentation.


Introduction of Internet, Internet Connectivity, Surfing, Chating, E-Mail Creation, Formation of E-Mail, Search Engine.


Basics of Web Designing

How to design a website, creating different themes for different layouts, How to design the look and feel of a website, How to create and design banners, advertisements, etc., learning about the tools and techniques of web design covers using software applications, Web Marketing Technique,

Introduction to Web Technologies

Careers in Web Technologies and Job Roles, How the Website Works?, Client and Server Scripting Languages, Domains and Hosting, Responsive Web Designing, Types of Websites (Static and Dynamic Websites), Web Standards and W3C recommendations,


What is Markup Language, Basic Structure of HTML, Difference Between HTML and XHTML, Head Section and Elements of Head Section, Meta Tags, Css Tags, Script Tag, Table Tag, Div Tag, Header Tags, Paragraph, Span, Pre Tags, Anchor Links and Named Anchors, Image Tag, Object Tag, Iframe Tag, Forms - Form Tag, Attributes of Form, POST and GET Method, Field set and Legend, Text input, Text area, Checkbox and Radio Button, Dropdown, List and Optgroup, File Upload and Hidden Fields, Submit, Image, Normal, Reset Button, Creating a Live Website Form, HTML Validators, Introduction to HTML5, Features of HTML5, HTML5 DocType, New Structure Tags- Section, Header and Footer, Designing a HTML Structure of Page, New Media Tags, Audio Tag, Video Tag, Canvas and Svg Tag, Introduction to HTML5 Forms, New Attributes, Placeholder Attribute, Require Attribute, Pattern Attribute, Autofocus Attribute, email, number type, date type, range type, voice search, Examples of Form

Web Design Course in Udaipur

Module - III


Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets, Types of CSS, CSS Selectors - Universal Selector, ID Selector, Tag Selector, Class Selector, Sub Selector, Child Combinatory Selector, Adjacent Sibling selector, Before and After Selector, CSS Properties-Type Properties, Background Properties, Block Properties, Box Properties, List Properties, Border Properties, Positioning Properties, Real-time Implementation- Conversation of Table to CSS Layout, CSS Menu Design (Horizontal, Vertical), Form Designing, Nth-child, Element: empty, New CSS3 Properties-Custom Fonts, Text-Shadow Property, Text-Stroke Property Rounded Corners, Box Shadows, CSS Gradients, CSS Multiple backgrounds, Opacity Property, Transition effect, Transform effect, Animation effects, Css Media Queries, Using CSS3 in Practical Layout

Java Script

Introduction to Client Side Scripting, Introduction to Java Script, Javascript Types, Variables in JS, Operators in JS, Conditions Statements, Java Script Loops, JS Popup Boxes, JS Events, JS Arrays, Working with Arrays, JS Objects, JS Functions, Using Java Script in Real-time, Validation of Forms, Related Examples

JQuery and jQuery UI

Introduction to jQuery, jQuery Features, Installing jQuery, jQuery Syntax, jQuery Ready Function, jQuery Selectors, jQuery Actions, jQuery plugins, jQuery Validation plugin, jQuery Slideshow, jQuery Dropdown, jQuery UI, Working with jQueryUI, jQuery Accordions, jQuery Tabs, jQuery Tooltips, jQuery Autocomplete, AJAX

Module - IV

Responsive Web Design with Bootstrap

Introduction to Responsive Design, Mobile first design concepts, Common device dimensions, View-port tag, Using css media queries, Menu conversion script, Basic Custom Layout Introduction to Bootstrap, Installation of Bootstrap, Grid System, Forms, Buttons, Icons Integration, Using CSS3 in Practical Layout

Angular JS Basics

What is Angular JS, Why Angular JS, Why MVC matt regime VG The Angular is way Features of Angular realme 8s 5G My First Angular JS app,


Introduction of XML, The Power of XML, Extending XML, XML in Practice, Tools for Writing XML, An XML Sample, Rules for Writing XML, Elements, Attributes, and Values, How to Begin, Creating the Root Element, Writing Child Elements, Nesting Elements, Adding Attributes, Using Empty Elements, Writing Comments, Predefined, Displaying Elements as Text

Web Designing Application Tools-

Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Flash

Module - V

Web Hosting

Web Hosting Basics, Types of Hosting Packages, Registering domains, Defining Name, Servers Using Control Panel, Creating Emails in Cpanel, Using FTP Client, Maintaining a Website


Introduction of Database Management System, RDBMS, Creating Database, Creating Table, Data Type of SQL, Inserting Data, Updating Data, Deleting Data, Viewing Data, Constraints, Primary Key, Foreign Key


Basic Knowledge of websites & Dynamic Website, Introduction to PHP, XAMPP and WAMP Installation, PHP Functions, Creating an Array, Modifying Array Elements, Processing Arrays with Loops, Using Array Functions & Creating User-Defined Functions, PHP Programming Basics PHP Syntax, Embedding PHP in HTML, PHP Variables, Statements and Loops, PHP Advanced Concepts; Reading, Writing Files, Storing Data, OOPS Using PHP, Creating Classes & Object in PHP, Connecting with SMS, E-mail and Payment Gateway.


ASP.NET Introduction, What is Scripting, Client & Server Side Scripting., Scripting Languages Introduction, ASP, ASP.net, ASP.NET Features., ASP.NET Application Creation, Creating Web Site, Web Form, Standard Controls Introduction, Hyperlink, Button web Server Controls, Standard Controls Label, Literal, TextBox, Calendar, Standard Controls, Dropdown List, Listbox, Checkbox List, RadioButtonList, Bulleted List, Standard Controls, View and MultiView control, Adrotator Control, Image and ImageMap Control., Standard Controls, FileUpload control., Panel control., Placeholder control., Validation Controls, Validating Form with Validation Controls of Asp.net


Installation of Wordpress, Creating database for Wordpress, wp-admin panel, Creating Blog, Adding and Managing Category, Pages, Media Library, Plugins, Plugins Installation, Themes, Installation and Activation of Themes, Elementor, Various Properties

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